Products - SHIMADZU

Analytical and Measuring instruments

Analytical and Measuring instruments

Medical Systems



Mobile C-arm


Mobile X-ray

Fluorescence Imaging

Vacuum and Industrial Machinery

Turbo Molecular Pump

Helium Leak Detector

Vacuum Heat-Treatment Furnaces

Liquid Delivery Equipment Gear Pumps

Mechatronic Systems Glass Fiber Winders

Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic Gear Pumps

Power Packs

Multi Control Valves

Aircraft Equipment

Electro-Mechanical Actuators

Flight Control System

Landing Gear System

Optical and Laser Devices

Diffraction Gratings

Aspherical Mirrors

Laser Mirrors & Laser Windows for High Power Laser

Polka-Dot Beamsplitters

Spectro Sensor Unit(End of Sale)

Precision Spectrometers

Precision Refractometers

Microsampling Device

Laser Module and Laser Device

Ferromagnetic Object Detector/Magnetometer

MB100/MB101/MB120/MB112H Ferromagnetic Object Detector

MB150/MB150S Generic Magnetometer

MB140 Portable Magnetometer

MB162 Three-Axis Magnetometer for Geomagnetic Observation/Magnetism Measurement

Engine Combustion Monitoring Systems

Optical Probes - ExDop®